In Celebration of Fab Lab 001: SETC

Join us in a Celebration of Fab Origins as we recognize Fab Lab 001 at The South End Technology Center in Tent City, Boston.

Tuesday, August 4th @ 7:00pm

The South End Technology Center @ Tent City (The Tech Center) is a collaborative venture between the Tent City Corporation (TCC) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our fundamental purpose is to enable people to become producers of knowledge and sharers of ideas and information. Our scope and methods are as diverse as the people we serve.  We provide free or low-cost access and training in most aspects of computer-related technology.  The staff, mostly volunteers, have extensive backgrounds in computer technology and their applications.

The goals of the Tech Center are as follows:

  • Recruit and train persons in computer technology who have been excluded from the technological revolution and are at an increased risk of joblessness.
  • Encourage community residents to use information technology as a means of personal and professional development.
  • Help residents move from being consumers of information to producers and creators of knowledge.